Toku-kai International

General Information
About Toku-kai International

Toku-Kai International is an organization dedicated to the preservation of traditional martial arts values. Toku-Kai International was founded by Edgar Stiltner Jr. in 1983.


The goal of Toku-Kai International is threefold:



Toku-Kai Systems

All Toku-ryu arts are CLOSED arts, having specific requirements for each rank. The advantage to training in a Toku-ryu art is the availability of specific testing requirements, training manuals, training films, etc.



All Akeru-ryu arts are OPEN arts, having no specific physical requirements for rank advancement. The advantage to Akeru-ryu is that it allows an instructor with a background other than Toku-ryu to be a part of TKI while still teaching the techniques, kata, etc. that he or she has trained in.


Toku-kai International Law Enforcement Division

This division of TKI provides training to private, public, and military law enforcement agencies. Five areas of training are available; Self defense (level 1), Self-defense (level 2), PR-24, Baton, and Yawara.

Toku-Kai Associations

Toku-Kai International is associated with the following organizations:



All new instructors applying for membership into TKI must do so through the Hombu. TKI instructors are encouraged to recommend qualified instructors for membership. To accomplish this, forward a letter of recommendation to the Hombu, and have the instructor in question contact the Hombu.


Please direct any questions to Shihan Virginia Stiltner-Murr, Vice-President.